A critical Review Of Contemporary Racism In Australia 作业代

A critical Review
Contemporary Racism In Australia
 A critical Review Of Contemporary Racism In Australia 作业代写
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Executive summary
It has been many years since Australian government promoting multiculturalism policy, although most Australians can consciously maintenance and implementation of multicultural policy to immigrants from different ethnic groups as well as building an equal harmonious multicultural society (Paradies& Yin, 2005), the White Australia policy carried out for more than half a century has not been completely eliminated and will be reflected out when there is enough condition. It seems that even with year of struggle for freedom all over the world under the famous words “all men are created equal” (Dunn, Kevin, Klocker, &Salabay, 2007), racism is still making people puzzling in many countries, among which, sadly, with Australia included (Larson& Ann, 2007). David Mellor, who is a professor in Deakin University in Australia, has had his voice heard about contemporary racism in his remarkable research paper titled Contemporary Racism in Australia: The Experiences of Aborigines.In this paper, a critical review of the research paper will be carried on in order to understand more about the social society as well as learning to summarize and evaluate a text better.

Table of contents
1 Introduction. 4
2 The key aspects of the research paper. 5
2.1      The aims of the research. 5
2.2      Methodologies used in the paper. 5
2.3      Findings and recommendations 6
3 Methodology and sample. 6
3.1 The fitness of methodologies 6
3.2 Other better methodologies 7
3.3 The fitness of sample groups 7
4     Other issues. 7
Conclusion. 7
References. 9

1 Introduction
The aim of this report is to summarize and evaluate a text named Contemporary Racism in Australia: The Experiences of Aborigines by David Mellor. Through the evaluation and summarization of the text, I wish I could realize what has been listed as follows: firstly, learn to present a fair and reasonable evaluation of the selected text; secondly, learn to question the information and opinions in a text and present the evaluation or judgments of the text; thirdly, learn to decide the strengths and weaknesses of a text; last but not least, to understand more about the contemporary racism in Australia.
There are mainly 4 parts in this paper. In the first part, the author had an overview of the word from other scholars such as Cantos, Bishop, and Walker (2000) etc. And had a conclusion at last by putting his own opinion as this study is concerned with how racism is experienced by Aboriginal Australians instead of focusing on the perpetrators of racism. In the second part comes methodologies of this paper, it includes the procedure and participants. The third part is the result, and the last part is the conclusion part.

2The key aspects of the research paper
In this part, the key aspects of the paper will be analyzed. There are three parts of the outlining of the key aspect of the research paper. In the first part, the aim of the research paper, that is to say what are the researchers trying to do, will be discussed. In the second the methodologies being used in the paper will be illustrated. Last but not least, in the third part, the findings and recommendations of the research paper will be researched.
2.1    The aims of the research
With subtle racism all over the world being witnessed over the past decades as well as the appearance of the systemic nature of racism nowadays, many scholars key on their efforts to exploring the way racism is experienced by its targets and victims. So this paper is written to additional enlarge the study of the marvel of racism by the means of qualitative methodologies to examine the variety of involvements of racism reported by indigenous Australians.
2.2    Methodologies used in the paper
A critical Review Of Contemporary Racism In Australia 作业代写
There are two methodologies being used in this paper. And they are the experimental method and survey method. The survey method is to systematically collect relevant research object reality or history materials. Just as what the author has done in the first part of his paper, to investigate the research work of other scholars (Overton, 1985). And the experimental method is the main supporting reform, control object of study to discovery and validation of a research method of the causal link between things(Anderson& Paul, 1983). Just like what the author has done in the second part of his paper, “a nonprobability sampling technique that involved snowball sampling was used to recruit participants. “So basically these two methodologies are used in the paper.
2.3   Findings and recommendations
The finding and recommendations of this paper are mainly described as that many participants acting like racism. For example, there was substantial agreement among the interviewees that non-Aboriginal people hold negative stereotypes about Aborigines and that this is normative.
3Methodology and sample
In this part the methodology and sample of the research paper will be analyzed, there will be three [arts, the first is to analyze if the methodologies used in the paper is proper and the second part is the discussion of will there be any other methodologies. The last part keys on addressing the analysis of the sample groups? Are they promising?
3.1 The fitness of methodologies
The method used in the paper fits the research topic quite well. Because racism is a topic concerned with human beings and the results from experiment method among participant will be quit promising. What is more, the method of investigation about the former research of other scholars fits quit well, too. Because the process can make the researchers be more familiar with the current situation of the topic, and they can save a lot of time and energy in the research process (Ackoff&Lincoln, 1962).
3.2 Other better methodologies
There may be some other better methodologies, such as case study. It is a specific object identified in the study by investigation and analysis. The method of case study can make the researchers be more specific about the topic.
3.3 The fitness of sample groups
The sample groups fit quit well with the topic being addressed. For example, several respondents described the dominance of Western culture in Australia as a form of racism etc. They all fit the topic quit well.
4        Other issues
The secondly material in the paper is quite well and fits the topic. For example, the application of they were told that they weren’t allowed to huddle down on the mission, they just don’t want to face the fact that we do exist. These are all promising secondary materials.
In this paper, the research paper of David Mellor has been critical analyzed. The methodologies used in the paper are the investigation and experiment and the results seem to stay on that the racism still exists among people in a more subtle way. The sample groups and secondary material used in the paper are quite promising and remarkable result has been obtained.

 A critical Review Of Contemporary Racism In Australia 作业代写
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